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Craftsman of underground art emphasizing brand development and perceptual management. Additional experience in product development, prototyping, and implementation.

Dark and surreal photograph of antlers with a black or death metal aesthetic.

"Being born on the cusp of the information age, there's always been that pervasive sense of duality in my life..."

Artwork of astronauts floating in dark surreal space with a retrowave, cyberpunk, vaporwave aesthetic.

"...everything used to be this mystery that took effort to solve and even then you never truly knew the answer. Now all the answers are carried in your pocket."

Glitch artwork that is extremely interpretive, dark, and surreal with a retrowave, cyberpunk, vaporwave aesthetic.

"... that (duality) is something that has carried over into my art. I like to try and revive that sense of mystery, curiosity, awe, and even fear that existed both when you're a child and before the internet..."

Map artwork of Traverse City Michigan designed to look like a fantasy map from a video game, book, or historical reference.

"I wouldn't call it nostalgia, just a sense of remembering where we came from. The past is dead, we must adapt or die with it ... but it doesn't hurt to recognize something valuable and carry it with us into the present."

- Blake v. Schloss